Top 5 universities in India

Top 5 universities in India
Top 5 universities in India

Top 5 universities in India

“=1. Indian Institute of Science

Founded in Bangalore in the southwestern state of Karnataka in 1979, the Indian Institute of Science  is one of the highest regarded Indian institutions.

The university offers only one undergraduate programme: a four-year BA in science. The programme’s core modules are physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and humanities. In their final year, students do an individual research project.

The university is heavily focused on research, with about 70 per cent of its student body undertaking PhD and MA research projects. The institute boasts more than 75 winners of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology.

=1. Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar was established in 2008 and is located in Rupnagar, a city in the Punjab region.

The university is one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, which provide education in mainly STEM subjects.

The university operates out of three campuses across the city. There are 10 departments, including chemical engineering, chemistry. electrical engineering, mathematics and physics. The centre for Biomedical Engineering is the university’s multidisciplinary centre.

3. Indian Institute of Technology Indore

The Indian Institute of Technology Indore is located in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the Institutes of Technology established by the government of India.

The university has three schools: basic sciences, engineering, and humanities and social sciences.

Undergraduates are encouraged to take part in research projects at the institution in the form of a scheme called Promotion of Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students.

=4. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, set up in 1958, has made its reputation by nurturing some of India’s most respected engineers and scientists and employing internationally renowned professors. The university offers both long and short courses. Its premises are located between India’s financial centre, Mumbai, and the resplendent Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where one can see leopards, panthers and other wild cats.

The institute hosts Techfest, one of Asia’s largest science and technology festivals, established in 1998, as well as Mood Indigo, one of Asia’s biggest cultural university festivals.

Notable alumni include Nitin Nohria, the 10th dean of Harvard Business School, the designer of the rupee sign Udaya Kumar, winner of Fulkerson and Knuth Prizes Ravindran Kannan and co-founder and chairman of Syntel, Bharat Desai.

=4. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is a public engineering institution located in Hauz Kaus in Delhi. It was established in 1961.

Its 325-acre campus is near monuments such as the Qutub Minar and the Lotus Temple.

The Student Activity Centre is available for extracurricular activities for students. It consists of a gymnasium, swimming pool, squash courts, table tennis rooms, a music room, a fine arts room, a robotics room and a committee room for quizzes and debating events.

=4. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

The Indian Institute of Kharagpur is the oldest of the Indian Institutes of Technology, having been founded in 1951. It is also the largest and most prestigious.

The university has 19 departments offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The institution mainly focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics but it also offers courses in the humanities and social sciences.

There are a number of student associations at the university covering a broad range of interests, including entrepreneurship, filmmaking and photography, technology and community work.”


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