No SAT for entry to some US colleges, dilemma for Indians

No SAT for entry to some US colleges, dilemma for Indians

Beginning with the University of California, currently over half of the four-year-degree colleges and universities in the US have done away with the SAT or ACT. These tests were deemed to disadvantage poor children as it created an entry barrier. The pandemic also affected these tests as it was always safe to give the tests, hence, making them optional was necessary. Should Indians take the test?

Jamie Beaton, co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education, says that for international students, standardised test scores, like the SAT or ACT, are quite valuable.

“Long story short, | actually think that it’s a bit sad for international students,” said Beaton, whose firm helps international students get admission into US and UK universities. He said SAT helps because universities in the US aren’t familiar with Indian schools and nuances of India’s education system. “The SAT lets a student from a far-flung city in India apply and have this kind of international standard of quality. So when you strip that away, it kind of does hurt them a little bit,” he added.

“Not considering the SAT will disadvantage some students who may be really good,talented students,” explained Beaton.
The SAT helps standardise things for admission officers at universities, and Crimson Education is recommending that international students should take the test, even if it’s optional.


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