No Specific Degree Required for the Following Professions

No Specific Degree Required for the Following Professions

1. PR and Marketing

“PR and Marketing is all about effective communication, and graduates from a range of degree subjects can excel at this. Being successful in this industry is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with unique ideas, so it’s often better to come from a non-marketing background in order to really break away from the norm.

Most marketing firms are looking for someone with a distinctive personality and lots of ideas to bring to the table. So if you’re brimming with creativity, and have a strong commercial awareness, then you might want to consider a career in PR and Marketing.”

2. Law

“Most people think you need to have studied Law at university to go on to have a career in the industry but this isn’t true at all. Every year hundreds of students take the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), a conversion course that catches you up to speed with Law graduates and will allow you to go on to further study and get a place on a law firm graduate scheme.

In fact, many law firms actually prefer students with a wider range of skills, such as those with a STEM or Language degree. There’s definitely no need to be put off by thinking you’re not qualified enough. Go along to a law firm open day to get a flavour for the industry and the kind of work you could be doing.”

3. Startup

Working at a startup business is an incredibly exciting experience and a fast-learning curve. Obviously roles will vary widely depending on the nature of the business, but often they’re looking for adaptable people who are able to get stuck in with a variety of tasks.

It takes a lot of gruelling groundwork to get a business up and running, so they want passionate, dedicated graduates who are dependable and creative. You’ll often be at the cutting edge of whatever industry your startup falls under, and it’s incredibly exciting to tread new territory every single day.


Fancy yourself as an Intelligence Agent at MI5 or MI6? There’s no denying that these are super competitive industries to get yourself on, so don’t get your heart set on becoming the next James Bond just yet. Luckily the subject of your degree is not one of the things they are particularly concerned about. There’ll be a whole host of rigorous tests to pass, and they’ll have to be certain of your reliability before you’re accepted.


Creativity is the key here, so as long as you can bring that to the table, the degree you have is largely irrelevant. Advertising is all about the battle for attention, so if you have the ground breaking ideas that will help the brand stand out from the crowd, they’ll want you on board.”

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